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Our staff & volunteers

Adam E. Salyer- Ceo Founder 

Jennifer M. Salyer- Treasurer

Dotty Thibadeaux- Board Chair 

Josh Thibadeaux- Board Chair 

Andre Coupe- Board Chair 

Our history

Little Angel’s Image is a newly formed non-profit foundation designed to inspire the youth of today to be better people of tomorrow.  The organization was founded by myself, Adam E. Salyer, who has 13 years of military experience.  My military career was cut short due to an injury.  After 14 surgeries, I was proud to accomplish such feats, as being able to go from a wheel chair to walking again.  Through my journey, I recognized all of the people who supported me, which fueled my sole purpose to dedicate my life to giving back to others.  As a result of that experience, this non-profit foundation was founded.  I want to use this foundation to inspire those who are less fortunate.    The organization is comprised of three different components:  1. Mentorship program – The staff has structured a mentoring program, which will provide tutoring and help to develop the character and study habits of each child.  We will also strive to mentor and follow each child’s development for the remainder of their academic career.  2. Reading /physical fitness program – This program is comprised of professional coaches and select volunteers, who will conduct basketball camps that offer physical fitness, as well as instruction about nutrition.  In addition to the physical fitness and nutrition aspect, each child will be enrolled in our reading program to stimulate their minds. Our program is designed to positively impact each child’s lifestyle and develop positive future habits.  We believe a healthy mind and body strengthens everyone’s soul.  3. Historic preservation - As an organization, we feel in order to build a better future, we must first know where we come from.  We will be selecting various projects that focus on preserving the past, while educating the youth and staff about their historical significance. Our program will offer children a chance to learn about history from a unique perspective.  The Little Angel’s Image foundation strives to build lasting relationships with everyone associated with the program.  We would like to thank you, for taking the time to bring awareness to our organization, and ask that you help us to spread the vision of Little Angel’s Image.

Our mission

"By using the lessons of the past, we are able to build a better future.”

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